2016: New Auctioneers Association changing the online auction landscape

January 28, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia, Jan. 28, 2016 -- Every now and then a business comes along that is so unique, so groundbreaking, so fitting with the times, that it leaves people wishing they'd thought of it first. Recently launched Auction Media Group is one such business. In just a matter of weeks it has begun to literally change the face of online auctions and is quickly becoming America's fastest growing auctioneers association

Auction Media Group is currently the only platform on the internet for auction houses and auctioneers to operate and do business through a network of more than 100 auction websites.

AMG has partnered with these websites in an effort to help auctioneers grow their business.

By providing excellent service and support, members can enjoy many perks and benefits including SEO optimization and mobile friendly versions for all websites within the Auction Media Group network.

"We are very excited to have this opportunity to bring these services to our members," says Paul ilii, founder and CEO of Auction Media Group. "In the last 90 days most of the auction houses who are members with us have experienced incredible growth, as much as a 32% percent increase in revenue just since they've been AMG members."

With auctioneer registrations exceeding 1,000, the rapidly growing membership roster along with an ever expanding network, it seems that AMG is well on its way to becoming the new standard for how people sell on online auctions. Once registered,

AMG will submit the member's auction listing to the Auction Media Group and Public Auction Finder as well as to more than 100 auction websites.

"Because we have such a far reaching net, we can get our members' auction listings in front of more buyers than if they were to submit their listing to a single online auction website," says ilii. "This means that more traffic is routed to their own website, making them highly visible, opening the door for new customers and relevant prospects. The really exciting part though is that right now new members only pay $399 a year to start enjoying the many benefits of AMG. That is a substantial discount from the regular price of$1,199 per year."


It seems that auctioneers and auction houses are taking him up on the offer too because the membership roster continues to grow at an exponential rate. The start-up of this business has been incredibly fast which is an indication that there existed a need within the market. ilii answered that need as he and his Auction Media Group team give their members a wide platform on which to build a thriving business that makes money.

This is not just about helping other businesses; it is about empowering entrepreneurs to reach higher and achieve their goals for starting their own business. It is about making self-employment income possible for more people. It is about reawakening the American Dream.

Auction Media Group is America's fastest-growing auctioneers association with a network of more than 100+ auction websites.

Designed to help auctioneers grow their business, AMG opens its massive auction website network to its members, providing them with exposure, visibility, and increased relevant traffic for their business.

Paul ilii is the founder and CEO of both Auction Media Group and Public Auction Finder.